TN Visa Accountant Approved!

Our client is a citizen of Canada and a Certified General Accountant. She was offered a position as a Chief Financial Officer at a large company in the United States. Although she knew she was qualified for the position, she wanted to put together the strongest application possible, and also had concerns about how the NAFTA negotiations might affect her case.

Immigration Attorney Julie Kruger reviewed our Client’s job offer and resume to determine whether she qualified for a TN visa as a Accountant. The responsibilities of the position included preparing financial statements and reports, providing senior management with timely and accurate financial information, and other accounting duties. As a Canadian CGA with 25 years of experience, Ms. Kruger believed our Client was a strong application for the TN visa.

She then retained our office, and we began working on her application immediately. We provided her with access to our secure portal, where our Welcome! message provided her with all of the instructions needed to get started, including a detailed list of the documentation needed to support her application.

Once we received our Client’s documentation, Ms. Kruger prepared a detailed letter on behalf of the company in support of the application, explaining the nature of the company’s business, the position offered, and why our Client was the best candidate for that position. Ms. Kruger assembled all of the documentation into a well-organized and beautiful package, along with a cover letter explaining to the border officer how the application met the requirements for the TN visa. We overnighted the package to our Client, so that she could apply for the visa and begin working as quickly as possible.

Prior to filing the TN visa application with U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the port of entry, Ms. Kruger prepared our Client thoroughly for how to file the application, the interview with the adjudicating Officer, and how to comply with the terms of the visa once approved.

Our Client filed her TN visa application with CBP at the Peace Bridge port of entry, and was approved that day for a period of three years! Congratulations to our Client!

If you have a job offer in the United States and would like to speak with Ms. Kruger about whether you qualify for a TN visa, please call our office today at 716-393-9878 or submit an inquiry for a free case evaluation!