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Kruger Immigration Law

Overturning a Confused Naturalization Application Denial

Elderly man, whose naturalization application was initially denied, becomes a United States citizen. With all...
Kruger Immigration Law

Waiver of Inadmissibility Approved!

by Julie Kruger Our Client is a native and citizen of Mexico. She and her...
Kruger Immigration Law

Resolving a Dicey Bordertown Baby Dilemma

A complicated, decades-old cross-border family case leads to a Green Card. By Julie Kruger I...
Kruger Immigration Law

Citizenship for H-1B Visa Holders?

Last Friday, January 11, 2019, President Trump tweeted H1-B Holders In The United States Can Rest...
Kruger Immigration Law

Green Card Through Marriage Approved!

Our client is a native and citizen of Guatemala, who entered the United States legally...
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TN Visa Accountant Approved!

Our client is a citizen of Canada and a Certified General Accountant. She was offered...